Upcycling trousers – my project for the refashion challenge

I proudly present you my upcycling trousers for the refashion project.
Hier gehts zum deutschen Beitrag. 


This is my first and hopefully not only English post.
Even though my English is not perfect and it’s much harder to write all this in an other language,
I would really love to write more English posts, cause they can reach more people (:
So write me a comment, if you’re interested in more English posts.
The reason why especially this post is in English, is because of the refashion project from Makery, where I wanted to be part of.

For me, as the self-proclaimed upcycling queen, it was really important to join this great challenge,
where I could show how I would transform an old suit into something new and wearable.
I really love to experiment with old pieces and love to see how you can give unwanted clothes a new life.
I first read about this challenge in Tweed & Greets post, and fell in love with this great challenge.
Last year, it was about working with old jeans, this time, it’s about transforming an old suit into a new piece.

The result of my upcycling project are these cool trousers. I love culottes and even though they’re kind of simple, the side detail turns them into a cute IT-piece.
The fabric comes from an old suit that my mother gave me. She already thought about throwing them away, because they didn’t fit my dad anymore.

Since I wanted to try this patchwork side detail with the two colours, I needed another pair of trousers.
My mother gave me black ones that matched the purple fabric.
The purple suits fabric was more aubergine-like on the outside. I liked more the insides colour, so I decided to turn it.

How did I construct the pattern for the upcycling trousers?

To be honest, it looks more complicated, than it is:
First I copied the pattern of my favorite culotte.

The place of the dart was my mark, where I drew a straight line to the seam.
I cut the two pieces in half – the inner part stays whole like this.

The outer part needs to be cut in pieces.
Start in the top corner of the side seam and make marks every 10cm.
The other side needs to be marked as well.
Connect the marks diagonal so you get this rhombus.
I got about 10 shapes for the front and also for the back.

Cut your rhombus in two different colours.
pay attention that the corners of the shapes match, when you sew the two sides together.

Sew the Side part to the inner part.
The rest of it is like sewing a normal pair of trousers.


I look super sexy in my dads old suit, don’t I? 😀

The trousers weren’t that bad and since my das was super thin, when my parents met, they almost fit me as well (:
How do you like the upcycling trousers?

I’d love to hear your oppinion about them.
Follow me on Instagram, if you want to stay tuned for more outfits (even though the posts might not always be English)
Stay creative cause creativity is never wrong! (:


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